Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fried Cheese-N-Apples

This is one of my very favorite snacks.
I remember the first time I had this. It was way to many moons to count ago, that one of my gradeschool friend's mother made these for us one Saturday afternoon. I don't remember what she called them, but I know they had a name.
Any way , I have never forgotten how to make them, and they have been a long time favorite of both my family and friends.

The following directions are based on plain cheddar cheese and a green granny smith apple
( the way I had it the first time) , BUT, as my adventurous side has taught me, Pears and provolone or apples or pears and mozzarella with a bit of Italian seasoning on top , or.. well lets just say the combination possibilities are endless. I hope you enjoy this unexpected taste pleasure as much as my family and friends do .

1/2 of a medium sized green apple ( tart and juicy is best) sliced thin

1/4 cup grated cheddar cheese ( sharpness is your choice)

Olive Oil Pan Spray

A good non stick skillet

Spray your skillet with the Olive oil pan spray and heat to not quite smoking .

Lay the apple slices out on to the hot pan and let them sizzle about 10 seconds then flip them.

Cover with the cheese in a circular fashion and let fry till is slides easily around the pan then flip ad fry the other side.

Remove to sturdy paper plate when edges are crisp and slice into wedges and enjoy.

Nutrition facts:

Fried Cheese and Apples Snack

calories 157.5

calories from fat 81.5

saturated fat 5g

Trans fat 0g

Cholesterol 30mg

sodium 181mg

total carbs 13.5g

dietary fiber 2g

sugars 9.5g

Protein 7g

Based on :

1/2 Medium Apple with skin

calories 47.5

calories from fat 1.5

saturated fat 0g

Trans fat 0g

Cholesterol 0mg

sodium 1mg

total carbs 12.5g

dietary fiber 2g

sugars 9.5g

Protein 0g


1/4cup shredded cheddar cheese

calories 110

calories from fat 80

saturated fat 5g

Trans fat 0g

Cholesterol 30mg

sodium 180mg

total carbs 1g

dietary fiber 0g

sugars 0g

Protein 7g


  1. Hi there :0)
    I noticed you are a new follower of mine ,so I thought Id drop by and say hello !
    Gardening and cooking are two of favourite things,and of course family.Yours too I see.
    I look forward to calling in and getting to know you better.You are very welcome at grannysgarden.
    Have a nice evening,
    ( or ,have a great day maybe,Lol)

  2. Hi Granny! :0)
    Merry Meet and Merry Greet!
    Thanks so much for the warm and wonderful welcome..
    I must admit your blog has been in my bookmarks folder for a bit and I soooo enjoy reading it. It was one of a few that inspired me to start my own blog.. Thank you for that gift.
    I too am looking forward to getting to know You better, and you are welcome to stop by any time you like!

    I am not fluent in all the blogging ways ... yet ... So if I do something wrong , I apologize now, and hope some one will politely let me know I goofed..

    For some one who's some what shy in real life, I find I am rather chatty on here..LOL

    Holiday Blessings and Have a GREAT day

    Ma Fey