Monday, December 28, 2009

I got The Apron Book For Christmas

Look what I got for Christmas!!!!

Happy Dance!
Happy Dance!
Happy Dance !

God and Goddess Bless my husbands heart with as 3 times the happiness that his gift has filled mine with . granted this was only one of the gifts, I must confess it is my favorite from him this year.

I have wanted this book since it first came out , this and the EllynAnne Geisel wrote on vintage linens (still on my wish list-with a few others- but that's ok as good things DO come to those who wait)

I just can not wait to copy the pattern it comes with ( don't want to destroy the original pattern) and make ( yet another) apron for my collection or to give as a gift ..

I LOVE APRONS .. always have , always will. I love making them, wearing them and giving them and collecting them.

I must admit that after waiting so long to get my hands on this jewel, I was almost afraid to crack it open fearing that it's content might be anticlimactic to my anticipation , but I am not one bit disappointed.. if any thing it exceeded my expectations.

Christmas day was so busy , I baerly got the chance to hold the book and the day after Christmas I spent in the dark, avoiding sound from an usualy sever migrain hearach,
So the second day after Christmas , which aslo found me down in bed with the usual physical problems I fight with daily, Was the day! I resigned my self to the fact that I would be spending yet another day in bed, but, a Good cup of Hot Chocolate and some gingerbread cookies , my reading glasses and this book helped make my bed rest bearable.

First I flipped through , stopping to briefly gaze at what ever random photos caught my eye.

Then I thumbed through every page to study the photos and read the little snippets and tidbits that caught my attention .

By noon it was time for meds and some lunch ( gotta watch that blood sugar too) ,then an afternoon movie with the Husband , and the overwhelming demand of my body for a nap, all kept me from my new eye candy.

Finaly, just after supper, I foung the peace and quite to start to read it from cover to cover... which I did that night .. Like a captivationg novel, this book comaned my total attention and i was willing to give it ..

I am soo happy with this book.. I will be reading and looking through it over and over and over.

I am sooo happy .

I hope every one got a gift this year that made them as happy as this treasure made me .

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