Tuesday, December 22, 2009


the poinsettia

Every year , my husband buys me a poinsettia for our anniversary. It is a Much Loved ( if only by me) tradition we have . It doesn't matter the size, as that is usually determined by availability~vs~the wallet.

My favorite always has been and always will be the traditional/old fashioned red. Though I admit the purple and white i saw this year Really tempted my, but the red is my love. I carried them in my wedding bouquet and where central to all the flower arrangements for the wedding. But I loved them Longer than my second husband ( though definitely not as much as I love him)
Never say thank you for a plant given to you , it is said to be bad luck for the plant . You can acknowledge the gift with somethings along the lines of, " I can not tell you how much this will be appreciated." But No thank yous. You can explain why to the giver and i am sure they will understand .

The best poinsettia I have ever had that lived the longest was one we spent $0.99 US on. I had that one for several years and it out lasted others of it's kind that cost 12 to 30 times more. But alas, it met it's end last year .. so I am gonna try it again .

Here is a link to some really good poinsettia info

According to my plant journal, this is what I do to keep mine going so long.

With the exception of some hybrid/cultivators , poinsettias loose thier leaves! Don't assume it's dying or dead just because the leaves are falling . as long as the trunk and branches are green they are alive ! Stop fertilizing till you see it's first new leaves then resume fertilizing with a common house plant fertilizer every 2 weeks

my house is dry in the fall,winter months so i keep it among my other tropical plants and I mist it once or twice a week (even after the leaves fall )

i try not to change it's location to much. with the exception of moving it out side once night time temps steady to 65 degrees F or higher. I start to bring it in about late August working it into lower light and the house hold temp and humidity differences slowly.

and to "change the top leave color to red: at bed time starting in about the 1st or second week of October, i put it in the closet at night before i go to bed and take it out after sun set to check it over and give it a misting , water, fertilizer, what ever it needs at that time and let it sit among the tropical till bed time then about mid November i bring it back into the light , I should have red leaves by Christmas if all went well . (it's harder than it sounds to get them to go read again , BUT it does happen)

oh the poinsettia is a large bush in the wild( up to 10 feet) and with proper care can become a good sized house plant. so transplant it to a larger pot of good organic potting mix it every other year .

Good luck to you and yours should you try to keep yours going !
Ma Fey

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