Thursday, December 17, 2009

My High Horse

This is MamaKitty aka Kitty-girl ( it's the only names she will come to , HONEST!)
She was abandoned by a former neighbor, pregnant and under a year old when we took her in . she had 4 Beautiful, and luckily-considering, healthy babies that are now almost 6 month old .

This is them at 5 weeks old .

I haven't found forever homes for them yet.. but then I haven't look very hard to be honest. I so enjoy having them around and being entertain by thier antics and shenanigans as they grow and develop thier own personalities. and Mama is just as much of a rable-rousen kitten as they are... they are somethen' to be sure.

But this is about me being on my high horse and being angry that Mamakitty was left out side to fend for her self , hunting and decimating local wild life . She never had any sort of shots or vet care what so ever. She and her siblings became the neighborhood menaces as did every stray male for 1/2 a mile as soon as she went into heat...

It seamed there was no place to turn for help as our county/city animal control shelter currently has no place for any thing but dogs.. ( hey I have 3 dogs that I love dearly so I don't want any one to think I am knocking the canines here.) ... But in thier infamous wisdom they have chosen to consider the building of another dog park .... now call me dumb but wouldn't you think a no kill shelter for felines a little more important than a second Dog Park ... apparently they don't see it that way.

Apparently the fact that abandoned cats can decimate the local wild life, not just the mice, but birds, rabbits, squirrels, Bat, frogs, and some times opossums , raccoons, and other cats..

Or how about the fact that a cat can carry Parvo on it's paws ( a very deadly virus that attacks canines) , or that they can contract and spread Feline aids and Leukemia or that they can spread tape and other worms that they contract through fleas and eating infected animals?

Or how about the fact that abandon cats use lawns and gardens as thier personal litter boxes. Did you Know that apparently parasites and other harmful bacteria can live in the soil for apparently up to 8 or more years and that no chemical takes them out of the soil.. the only way to destroy them is to burn the soil, turn it and burn it again and repeat at least 4 more times? I learned that from a professor in the Purdue university small animal department.
He also told me that food/edible crops growing in an area where felines have started defecating can NOT be eaten raw because apparently the bacteria doesn't necessarily wash off ... that the only "safe" way to consume the crops is to can the produce.... so much for that patch of fresh salad greens and leafy herbs you grew for spring garden munching hu??

You see, My husband and I have had to learn a lot on this subject over the past summer and we had to clean our garden and turn and burn it , resulting in the loss of a life time of medicinal and edible plant collection, some can never be replaced and still it will cost me a couple thousand dollars and 2 inactive garden seasons at my house. ( thank goodness I have friends with property willing to let me grow foods and such there ). Not to mention the cost to the food banks from the produce lost we could not donate last year and may not be able to donate next year.. depending on how long it takes us to reclaim our many garden beds.

so what are my points??

IF you have a cat keep it in the house or in a caged cat run or on a tethered-leash to keep it in your yard and out of my food and medication source!

If you have a cat, Take it to the Veterinarian and GET it FIXED and IT's SHOTS regularly.


IF this dang town can afford another Dog walking park, it most certainly can afford to build a no kill shelter for the felines living on the streets! And they Need to listen to those who have gone the city counsel meetings and said so , after all WE pay thier salaries... GERRRRR! AUGHHHH! GERRRRR!

ok, I will get off my high-horse
for now

thanks for reading my rant

Bright blessings
Ma Fey

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