Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve, Blue Moon, Lunar Eclipse

Happy New Year to EVERY ONE!
May all your Dreams come true this year, May all your goals Be met and my all your wishes be granted.

Tonight is the Second Full Moon of December 2009 and therefor is called a Blue Moon. A Blue Moon comes around about once every 2.5 or so years, but can some times appear twice in the same calender year.

This Blue Moon is even more powerful, as there is a Lunar eclipse also occurring at this time. A lunar eclipse, being the representation of the perfect female/male union , lends itself to workings concerning relationships, and all other positive energies worked beneath the Full Moon.

These three things make the moons pull and power triple fold this time around. No doubt many have been more tired than usual the past few days and this is because of this very powerful moon and the energies passing between us and it. Don't worry it will pass soon.

If you are planning a night on the town this new years eve, be extra cautious and be prepared to see some "even more stranger than usual" behavior , again this is the triple power of this Full Moon at play on us. ( As for me and mine , we are staying in tonight. Better safe than sorry ..LOL)

The Blue Moon is considered to be by some the luckiest moon and by others the unluckiest moon .
My Grandma use to say "the truth comes out beneath a Blue Moon." now depending on the truth that is reveled to you and how you choose to let it affect your life, could determine whether it is a lucky or unlucky moon for you . ( yea it seams like one of those glass half full/half empty thing to me too; you know, perception, perspective, etc.) But in my own life I have see how the truth does come out, and it has done so in my favor many times , so for me the Blue Moon is a positive, lucky moon.

So on this triple powered Blue moon , may you find the truths you seek. ( but remember, you may not always like the answer you get to the question you have. )

Blue Moon Blessings To Every one
Ma Fey

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