Sunday, December 20, 2009

Yule, Bayberry and DragonsBlood? A Yule Candle

An old Germanic poem says "A bayberry candle burned to the socket brings food to the larder and gold to the pocket."

An old world tradition is to burn a bayberry wax candle on Yule ( Winter Solstice ) or
Christmas Day, or New Years day
in order to bring good luck, and to ensure prosperity, growth and happiness,
and good fortune
and good health throughout the following year. They should be lit at sunset of the chosen night and allowed to burn until they go out by themselves.

But if you can not find candle made of true bayberry wax, or can not for what ever reason make a candle of bayberry wax, you may anoint a pure white , green, or beeswax candle with essential bayberry oil and it will serve the same purpose.

(the candles above : the green and red layered votives are bayberry wax and dragons blood oil in paraffin, while the solid green is bayberry scented paraffin. though i prefer soy candles for numerous reasons , some time you have to sacrifice a bit to achieve the end result. )

The candle can be empowered with the energy of your attentions, while anointing it with bayberry oil and inscribed with runes or other symbols for health and money, or whatever is desired before lighting.

To empower the candle , hold it in your hand ( if using oil take this time to rub the oil all over the length and on all sides of it slowly) while visualizing what your need and intention is. Picture that need or intention going in to the candle (some folks actually tell the candle out loud what the need is, or enchant it with a spell or prayers) . when you feel the candle has absorbed your need or intention , then, also while keeping those things in mind, carve the symbols you have chosen ( dollar signs, symbols of good health prosperity etc..) into the wax. Then burn as instructed above.

If the past year has been particularly hard or filled with negativity, the power of the bayberry can be boosted by using dragon’s blood oil three drops to the top or add to the anointing process if using a taper. Dragon’s Blood is said to boost the potency and power of other oils or incense and any empowerments, enchantments, prayers, or spells, to exorcise ( drive away ,release or remove) all evil and negative vibrations/energies, and to bring love, healing and protection. It is worth noting that it is also said to bring peace and quiet to a hectic or noisy house..

Bayberry wax candles , or unscented candles of gold, white , green or natural colored beeswax and a bottle of bayberry oil , and maybe a bottle of dragon’s blood oil if you know it will help the person you are giving it to , along with a card for instructions makes an excellent gift this time of year.. and if the candles are home made all the better!

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