Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 garden - the plans/goals

time to set my goals for the season

1. to grow enough produce to
  • a. feed my family ( 13)
  • b. enough produce to give to those sharing thier garden space with me (2 gardens) (13)
  • c. enough to share with my family friends in some way (countless)
  • d. enough to donate to the local food banks (2 counties - every little bit helps)
  • e. enough to sell (trade) at the farmers market to pay for the garden to do it again next year.

2. to reclaim and re build my gardens
  • to save as many plants as possible in cutting gardens, medicinal gardens, berry and fruit gardens, tea gardens, memory gardens and herb/veggie gardens
  • to turn and burn one garden bed at a time
  • to plant crops that enrich each bed for it's plant types
  • to re establish perennials in fresh beds with better weed control in problem areas
  • to maintain or create more handicap accessibility in my gardens for my self and others

3. to use the gardening as both mental and physical therapy
  • a. will have to find rides to each spot , alternating days and some one to sit with me as i am not supposed to be out side alone in case I fall and go boom.
  • b. will have to figure out how to make garden spots wheel chair and walker accessible with out damaging or wasting garden space that isn't mine to waist.
  • c. how to garden with the current level of physical limitations in a way that builds up my strengths and stabilizes or strengthens my weaknesses as well as leaves me with the energy to harvest and distribute my goodies.
  • to hopefully convince my friends that organic/companion/chemical free gardening is better and healthier
  • to be there to cover my plants while any chemicals are sprayed as I don't like chemicals on my food (and to hopefully do it with such a meaner as to not offend my friends or seam ungrateful for thier kindness, which I truly am grateful for!)

o.k., thats what I got for now.. I will update this as things change, and I think of more.

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