Thursday, January 21, 2010

confessions of a garden catalog addict: The Perfect Union

O.k., I admit it .
I am a garden catalog junkie .
I have some hidden among every book case in the house.
There a a few nice old ones in the closet up stairs.
And down.
There are some stashed in the bath among the candles and towels
Others in plain sight.
There is even one tucked in the corner behind the couch ,over by the night light.

O.k., that might be a "bit" of an exaggeration . But I do have a fairly good collection of past years catalogs that I have kept for various reasons.

I also have a thing for the old catalogs, periodicals, books, prints, and photos of the old hand drawn illustrations of garden flowers and veggies.

Well the other day imagine my jubilation when I received this catalog !

I suddenly found the atmosphere a little warm.
(at first i though it a hot flash.)
But then my mouth got a little dry.
My heart began to beat a little faster .
Some thing seamed to take the breath from my very chest.
The butterflies inside me began to take flight.
I was all a flutter with anticipation of the time I would spend gazing upon it's beauty.
( or my hat and corset are a bit to tight again)
any way..
I read the cover.
2010 R. H. Shumway's Illustrated Garden Guide

Then I took in the lovely nostalgic art on the cover; both front and back.
I was taken in by its wonderful large size.

Quickly my fingers reach for the edges and flipped through to see what lay in store .
Llike a soft voice whispering gentle, loving things, it spoke to me and made my heart skip a beat when it revealed its self to me.

Old looking black and white drawings of flowers, vegetables and all sorts of garden goodies!

And what's this ?
It's prices and shipping are fair, too?!

My knees feltl week.
"Oh be still
my beating heart." I say to myself with a soft hushed gasp.

"I think I have Finally found you.
The one ."

I knew in that instant I could no longer resist it's charms .
I fell ... hard.

I know it may only be a fleeting fancy.
That any future you and I may have, you delightfully art filled seed catalog,
can only depend on how you make my garden grow.

But for now,
I will place an order with you .
So till then,
let us enjoy this illustrated illusion of a most perfect union.

For better or for worse,
May art and seed inspire you too!

Ma Fey


  1. Wow. And I really don't think it is stretching the truth at all to say you have those catalogues EVERYWHERE in the house!

  2. But there isn't one over on behind the couch by the night lite.. that was a...the... bit of exaggeration . Honest!
    Ma Fey