Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to them ! 6 Months old and growing

Wow , it is hard to believe these guys are 6 months old already ! These are Mama-Kitty's (aka; Kitty Girl ) Babies. She herself is just at a year now. We took her in when she was abandond by the neighbors when they moved in July, and not a moment to soon. She was in the house about 5 days when she gave Birth the these 4 little poopers.

Tuffy about 5 minutes old

1st born

and the only boy ! ( lucky him! he'll the first to be fixed !)

He and his first sister were found in the litter box .. he's been a Poo-head ever since! ;)

Tuffy at 6 months old

His eyes are a golden-green .
His fur is long and fluffy.
He thinks it's great fun to lay in Ma Fey's cactus collection.. Yes in them!
And ,
He loves my office chair!.. I'm Sorry, His office Chair.

He also loves naps under the blanky with Ma Fey

or maybe he thinks if I cant see him I will forget to take him to the vet . ( poor lil' fella , but I am afraid it's time to be snip-sniped. ) .

He also loves playing "bathtub hockey" with his sisters in Ma Fey's fresh cleaned bath tub..

This is LittleStar at 5 minutes old

She was second born and the meekest of the 4, then. I was blessed with the honor of tying and cutting her little umbilical cord.. She was pushed aside a bit by her brother and sisters. because she just wasn't aggressive at all , so she always got a little extra help finding "her spot at the Mama-fountains" for the first 4 or 5 weeks.

As you can see she has grown into a very healthy, happy, and right properly playful young lady .

She thinks she is the Queen of all things , that is till Mama-Kitty comes around.

when she is in the mood she is quite the poser , she knows the beeps ans clicks of my camera well.

I love her long "tortety-marked" hair ( and I am sure I didn't spell that right at all .. sorry )

This is Gem at about 1 hour old. she is the third born. I could have used her 5 min picture but , I just love this photo with her tucked safely into my husbands hands.

Her strips were so silvery white when she was first born, though now she is more brown than her "twin" Neye.. they were literally born almost at the same time , she was out and as Mama-Kitty when to reach around to clean her up , out popped her sister.. so Mama-Kitty got a little help on the braking of the sack and stimulating them to start suckling..

She loves to curl on the couch under the blanky too. She doesn't care who she curles up with , as long as they are willing to share the warmth with her .

Would you believe that she is now the smallest in size of the 4 kittens. Don't let that fool you though she is as rambunctious as any of them. And as loving.

I do need to have the vet check her eyes though , there is still quite a bit of blue in them golden orbs, and some times she "misses her mark" when we play or she jumps and such .

Gem is so pretty and has really grown from the shyest of them to the most loving and playful little thing and is the first to come to her name.

LittleStar and Gem hang together alot ,

But then Gem doesnt' give any one much choice when she wants thier attention.

this is Neye at about 5 min old
she was the 4th born
the 2nd largest
was the most out going

It is so wild how Neye is now whiter than her sister Gem , and I know I don't have them confused, because Neye has always had the one gold fur patch on her right side .. since she was born.

I am glad i haven't reupholster this chair yet because I think Neye has laid claim to it .

She has become so shy . I keep working with her as much as she lets me .

she is very playful though and loves when i get our the fleece on a stick toy.. she moves quick ! she'll probably be the best mouser next to her Mama.

Well , guess it's time for


yup this is the exciting game of chase the drain screen around the tub..

Mama-Kitty watches from above to be sure they are all playing nicely .

But just after this photo was taken , Neye stole the drain screen and off she went with Mama-Kitty and her brother and sisters running after her.


  1. How adorable and a wonderful tribute! Happy birthday to your babies. =)

  2. Hello Lyon! Thank you ! (know any one who wants a kitty-kitty_Kitty?? LOL)