Thursday, January 14, 2010

I am reminded, and I give thanks

so I finally downloaded all 120 picks off my cell phone today and i had forgotten all about these .. we were at the local farm supply store last spring and they had so many "cute little fuzzies". I just wanted to scoop them all up and take them home in my pocket, but I couldn't figure out how to explain the sudden need for a chicken coup and duck pond to my husband, I just took picks home with me to remember them chicks by.

It was a small blessing actually to find these today. With all the death going on in the world, I was starting to just feel a bit dismal about everything.

Then I found these forgotten photos and it reminded me that with death comes rebirth .
And even though, right now, we may not be able to see our way through the brush and brambles before us , a hand will come to us and it will guide us through.

It was a much needed bright spot and a warm welcoming reminder of all things greater than myself .

You know the old saying of not being able to see the forest for the trees ? I had been feeling like that. Like no matter how hard or not I looked I just couldn't see what I thought I needed to see.

But, I am reminded that , when the time comes, I will see clearly all that I need to .

I still must take some time to ponder my course and I will have to do my part to clear my path just like every one else must do from time to time.

But isn't it wonderful to know , that we are not alone when we must face lifes unknown?

Today I give thanks for All I love and all that loves me .
and it harm none
including me
Blessed Be
Ma Fay


  1. Lovely to meet you...and it looks like I'm number 13...

  2. MF- Very nice inspirational message, cute little chicks too. It relaxed me in the middle of a busy day-

  3. just found you and signed on to follow. i love these pics. nice music too. i have some things on my blog i think you would enjoy seeing. click on my witch collection and practical magic! enjoy!

  4. Celia , Merry Greet to you too! Awesome! 13 a lucky number, and I know I am so lucky to have found your delightful blog and U!

    Twincapes, Merry Meet! and Thank you! I am glad it helped u too! :) I so enjoy all 3 of your blogs.

    Jaz, Merry Greet to you new friend ! Thank you i so enjoyed the look and read , you have a couple recipes I HAVE to try here very soon! You have some Lovely treasures, Lucky You!

    Brightest of Blessings you 3!
    Ma Fey

  5. Later this spring, I can probably help ya out with some little peeps of your own, but I can't help with duckies!!!

  6. artsyfartsystitchwitch: Hey Lady! I would so love a chick or 2 but, I took in kitty rescues last July and they are to interested in birds, I had to turn down a bird rescue recently because I was afraid the cats would terrorize the poor little thing. But then, if i could find forever homes for the cats by then.. I just might see about getten' one or 2 from ya maybe.... I will privately email you soon too about some other stuffs going on here. Miss you! (HUG) Ma Fey