Monday, January 11, 2010

Memories,Memorabilia and some Snail-Mail Goodness

So I have found my self lost in the past over the last several days. It started with me Looking for a favorite photo of my Grama Grace to post with her Poor Man's Cake recipe and, after digging around in the closet where such treasures are safely tucked, it has taken on a life/blog of it's own . Yup! I spent the last 2 days focused on scanning in photos and posting them in some semblance of order as to who they are on my other/new blog and emailing a couple of family members the addy for it so they can see what I have (and hopefully help add to it at some point some of the goodies they have).. I know i should probably go to something like, but i just don't have the extra in my budget to pay thier membership fees.. so a second blog will have to be the solution .

In among all the photos and such are all sorts of fun post cards and letters and other memorabilia, like the photo of the post card on this post ( from the 1930's I believe).

We were such a good nation at helping each other keep a "stiff upper lip" and muddle through such ruff times. Now, in the age of computers, and I must admit I am guilty of this too, we tend to forget the magick that can be brought to us or delivered to another through such expressions as the hand written letter and post notes. Yes, Yes . I Know we are trying to save the trees and the planet by cutting our paper usage and all..

But for just a moment,

close your eyes;
think back to that one special occasion when you are the one running up the road or stepping out onto the porch to retrieve the mail left by the local postal carrier;
Feel the leap in your heart when you read the envelop and discovered the letter was for YOU!; Allow, for a moment, the return of the feeling of anticipation at what was in side of that envelope; And now, relax in the memory of how excited and comforted you were to get the news, photo or gift that magick little card carried from some one who remembered you!

There now didn't that take you away on a mini-memory-vacation filled with romantic reminiscences of the past?

Believe it or not there are still those out there with out e-mail and cell phones and other fancy modern day gizmos of communication. I bet they would love to hear from you right now.. so make a little note card from something reclaimed or buy a little note cared and send them some warm fuzzy feeling to reminisce about some future day .

Happy Blessings every one
Ma Fey

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