Thursday, January 7, 2010

Physical theropay for Body , Mind and Spirit

After being in bed for 2 days I was so glad to be up out of bed and able to walk in the SNOW! I tell ya it took every thing I had not to let myself fall backwards into the almost knee deep white stuff and make snow angels! But I was a good girl and didn't .
I couldn't go very far or stay out to long because I was using the walker... no way the wheel chair would make it out any where in that deep stuffs.
But even walking just around the yard I found color and interest and something to spark my imagination in my winter walk .

The red berries are of the wild honey suckle that grows over one of the arbors to the east of the house seam to bow gracefully to some unseen dance partner.

the echinacea seed heads in thier new winter white hats look as though they are waiting to be swept away to the music of winter and spun around some mystical dance floor. I wonder who thier dance partner will be??

the witches broom in her new winter gown must be the queen of the ball.

Oh, Will the yellow cone flower seed heads be dancing with the echinacea ??
or will the tiny sea pinks sweep every one away with thier delicate grace?

the Pine with it's New winter gloves seams to be offering it's hand for spin around the floor as well.
the handsome trees in thier fresh winter coats seam to be standing guard for this mystical mystery winter ball
could this be the hidden entrance to the dance ??
Doesn't Rose Hip's flare just take your breath away in her stunning winter reds ?
and the stately red canes of the black raspberry seams to say they are ready to whisk the ladies around the floor at a moments notice
oh I would love to stay and dance and play and sit to listen to the music of winters symphony
but old man winter is telling my bones it's time to go to and sit beside the fire
the sun seams to be saying it is staying in as well ... I hope that weather it's to a mystical ball or to the grocery , you all have save journeys in this winter storm a blowen .

Ma Fey

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