Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Deadlliest Catch Captin Phill Harris RIP

There will be no photo for this post.. I don't have one that seams appropreate, nor permission to use one of him and i just couldn't find any thing on YouTibe that seam to fit.

Captain Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie
we shall miss your passion for family, fishing
, and life!
this is a link to the Official Website of Captain Phil Harris

I don't know any one else who watches Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel but our family is "into it" in a big way. We watch on the edge of our seat each week of the new season, then call each other with all the WOE's and Wow's and "DID you SEE"..???
Discovery is due to start showing season 6 here soon, but it will be bitter sweet this season with the news recieved by dedicated viewers this morning.

Captain Phil Harris was a bold, tuff, guff man of true salt at age 53. He lived hard, fished fast and loved the same way. According to reports he had a stroke while off loading the latest catch of the Cornelia Marie on or about January 30th 2010. This follows his survival of a dangerous blod clot which passed through him at the end of the season before last. There wasn't much that could keep the much loved Captain form his boat and fish, but that did for part of the next season. But then he was back in the captains chair and loven it .. His Son's are reported to have stayed with him till the end came .
Here is a really good artical as well Deadliest Catch Captain Phil Harris Dies after recent stroke

His son's Jake and Josh Harris are who I am thinking of most. I have lost both my parents, and we all logically know this is inevitable, but it does nothing to ease the heart of the child inside-- no mater how old you are. I pray the God and Goddess hold them close in love and give them all they will need to get through this. It breaks my heart to think of the sorrow those boys are surely overwhelmed with.

Ma Fey

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  1. My mom and I are big Deadliest Catch fans, and loved Phil and his crew. I was so shocked when I heard the news, particularly since he was beginning to show signs of recovery.
    My heart goes out to his sons and the rest of his family ♥