Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I love a Good Giveaway and some I recomend this week

I love a good giveaway. I do. I admit it . Weather or not I enter, I do love a Good giveaway. The best ones are those who arn't trying to promote some corporate product they want people to buy , but those of the heart. And just because some one has an etsy shop or other place of retail, DOESN'T mean thier giveaway isn't from thier heart. The givers of these items don't expect anything in return except for folks to have fun . That's why I love them so much . They are expressions of selflessness , human generosity and kindness.

I want to share with you some of the fun giveaways I have come across this week.

from Teddy and Jaz at October Farm

Teddy has done it again! She has a Beautiful
set here she has chosen for her Mommy(Jaz) to give away. So stop on over and try your luck..
( Oh I hope I win .. I can smell the home made french onion soup ,followed buy a red pepper chicken -n- saffron rice casserole andstrawberry rhubarb cobbler for desert that I would make using these little jewels...mmmmm)

From Musings of a Sea Witch

French goodies, chocolates, shinny bobbles and more .. Oh La La
that's what you'll get if you win the Sea Witche's

Sea Witch in Paris giveaway.

I missed last weeks giveawy by Farm Girl Cat ( nabdabit)

I cant wait to see what she has in store for us this week . If her past couple of giveaways are any example , expect something uniquely wonderful! Keep an eye on this one ... you might just get lucky !

Good luck Every one!
Ma Fey

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