Sunday, February 7, 2010

OMGOSH! I WON Something!!!

First I want to say Thank YOU to Jaz and Teddy for giveing so many the opertunity to participate in thier weekly giveaway .. It is so much fun and Jaz really finds some awesome stuff to giveaway too!
Thank You! Thank YOu! Thank You!

Jaz (and Teddy) at October Farms had a giveaway for

this lovely set of 4 tureens with lids and 2 casserole dishes; all with the nifty wicker holders


this morning when I got up and checked my blog I discovered I had a comment from Jaz on my tea towel post that said I had Won!

Happy Dance! hApPy dAncE! Happy Dance !

Yes, I whoopt out loud and startled the husband and dogs who had just settled down for the early morning quiet time,TV news and coffee.. (sorry, BUT I WON! WOOWHOOO!)

I am not some one who wins very often at drawings and giveaways.. but when I do I sure get excited about it.. ( wonder if that's how it feels to win the lottery?)
I will be emailing Jaz before the end of today with my info and then when I recieve them I am gonna make that home made french onion soup, red pepper chicken -n- saffron rice casserole and strawberry rhubarb cobbler just to break them in ... I cant wait..


( yup i am excited!)
OK i am off to finish the lasagna for this weekends Reto Cooking post over at Mr.s B's Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom

May your day be filled with wonderous and multitudes of Blessings too!
Ma Fey