Thursday, February 18, 2010

A wonderful sweet smile amoung the medical madness

I haven't been around much. I started haveing some bad stomic trouble about 8 weeks ago. which i have been back and forth to the Dr over ( even lost aprox 18 pound.. not a good way to do it , but i needed to drop a few) . Then, on Valentines day i began to develop a sever pain in the right side. I have no appendix or gallbladder those have been gone for years so i thought maybe it was just a kidney stone but after 4.5 hours at the emergency room , 2 shots of morphine, blood work, and iv, a CT scan and a sonogram.... it's not a stone but a cyst in/on my kidney ..
let me state clearly now, I will NEVER let them EVER give me morphine again , because on top of the excruciating pain I was already in , I spent the rest of yesterday and into the wee hours of the morning this morning "worshiping the porcelain goddess" as it were. This resulted in sending my blood sugar to extremely low numbers and not being able to hold any thing down also meant a hole day with out any of my other meds.. this has just exacerbated all the other problems... I am a mess to say the least.

Yesterday was not all grim though ..

Look what I got yesterday!!!!!

Sugar Babies
Dark Chocolate Raisinets

YUMMMY!! (I can't wait till I feel good enough to open them up and munch them down... i hope it's soon)

Guess what else was in the box .........

THE TUREENS and CASSEROLES!!! I won these in one of Jaz's giveaways over at October Farm

( she's having another giveaway too for a beautiful set of goodies .. so pop on over and check it out )

Any way , these are so much prettier in person even and I adore thier wicker holders too. They are a perfect set for a lovely dinner for 2 ! or soup for 4 with yummy sides!!!! I cant wait till I get better and can use them ! Then I can make up for not being able to make my Hubby his traditional Valentines dinner and serve it in style but first I will make what I promised, just to break them in.

And isn't that note card just the cutest .. I love it

Thank you so much Jaz for such a wonderful give and the perfect bright spot on a dismal day .. i think there was a reason that the snow fell and delayed them a bit.. i sure needed the cheer they brought to me yesterday!

Well , after seeing the surgeon this morning and preregistering at the hospital for a but load of test for tomorrow and Monday, I am pretty wiped and still not feeling any better than before i went to the ER yesterday, ( but most definitely better this evening than i was yesterday evening) so i am gonna cut this post short..
If i am not around for a few days it's because I am still pretty sick and in a LOT of pain.
I will be on when I can..

Blessings one and all
Ma Fey


  1. What a lovely package! I love those tureens :)

    I hope you feel better ♥

  2. Oh no!! =( I do hope you get to feeling better quickly, that sounds *terrible*. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers darlin.

  3. Feel Better soon Mama- Love and light to you!

  4. Oh my gosh! How terrible for you! I hope you are feeling better soon? Are you using any herbs? Those casserole dishes are adorable I love them!Hope you are feeling better very soon, and able to make Hubby his favorite meal. Rest up and take good care of yourself.

  5. Essie, Merry Greet !
    I have to be careful about the herbs right now because of son=me conflicts in the test they want to run so sadly no, but will return to them as soon as i get the OK from my Doctors. I am however using minerals, foods, and vitamins to help ease things along the way and keep an eye on my nutrition level. I love these casseroles! I am actually working on a few posts about what i have been doing with them since i got them..yes I have been struck by "Kid with a new toy" syndrome..LOL Thank you so much for your kind words and thought and for stopping by. I hope you visit often .

    Amandage81 (
    hugs)Love! Nice to hear from you!
    Thank you Babe! Love and Lite to you too!!!

    Greetings Dear!Thank you so much! Nice to hear from you :)

    How are ya Dear?? Thanks so much for your thoughts! I love your B&B days by the way . I would love to be able to travel to some of those places you show! Thank you for taking my mind and spirit on vacation !

    Blessings Be to all of you !
    Ma Fey