Thursday, March 25, 2010

Before my Corn Mother Dolly returns to the Garden,

I though I would share her with you .

( you can click on the photos for a better look)

She is a corn dolly, aka a representation of the Corn Mother, the Harvest Mother, The Corn Maiden, The Old Woman, The Old Grandmother, The Carline, among other names which the spirit of the corn ( grain or cereal) may be called.

Since coming to our home from the last harvest,
she has supervised many plantings for this spring's garden and on the final day of planting she was returned to the garden to watch the sun set and to be tilled into the first garden furrow of the new planting season.

She was made of corn husks and silk, wheat, dried fairy roses and bits of hydrangea blossoms. Her lovely face was that of an apple plucked strait from the tree, carved and then dried on to a dowel.

and tied with green garden jute at the waist

Later a dried Pink Pearl Apple slice was added because it looked so pretty on her.

Though she returns to her garden home this spring, she will return to our home in August/September when the last grains are harvested. Her face will be a bit different. Her dress and ornamentation will be new . But her spirit will be the same.

till then
here's wishing you a bountiful gardening season .
Ma Fey
The Spirit of The Corn Mother Dolly

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  1. Oh My... She is quite Lovely. And I am sure she watches over the crops with a close eye! :0)