Monday, March 1, 2010

I interrupt the dinner menu postings for a much needed "My High Horse" moment

amendment: i do not mean to imply in any way that this sink is advertised as handicapped accessible.
SO I am researching (dreaming about) a kitchen and bath remodel that we most desperately need and looking for things that will make my kitchen and bath more handy-capable

when I found "That thing" in the photo there to the left...

here is where i found it

my first reactions were

oh cool!!


While the concept is brilliant .. trust me i love the idea of making small spaces all neat and tidy..
i have a question...

How many more people will leave the bathroom forgetting to wash thier hands because they didn't see a sink? ( or can't get the blasted contraption to open...AUGH!)

And granted the novelty of a pull out sink is cool and all,
you know as well as I do,
what will happen .
Some "dodo bird"
will inevitably turn the d- faucets to see if they work (and the sink will be closed)!
which brings to mind 2 more points... er ... questions .

How the h-does it save me room and what the *! is clean about some nasty bucket sitten under foot waiten to catch it some "dodo bird" water??????

I took a deep breath,

Ok , like i said those where my first reactions/thought.

Surely the faucets recessed right ...

So I read on

OH NO THEY DON'T ! They leave the Faucets to "hint' where the sink might be .

Really? no Really!

So I tells the Ol' Fart that I had our solution! We'd save us the cost of the sink in a drawer and put a fake drawer pull up on the wall there just under the faucets; then we'd just knock out the sink from under the faucet and put us a metal warsh tub under the faucet. Then we could higher us some one to come empty it for us each day...that way we don't have to spend more than an arm to be in high style and we'd save us some money on the flush taxes.

Now i don't mean to offend any one but, really ??

maybe i think it's silly because it's impractical to me and my needs and if that is the case then that is one more argument for this being my opinion and only that.

Yea , Ok. The concept is cool,
but the piratical application needs some more work

and while i am up here being totally off my saddle,

why is it that any product marketed as being for handicapped accessibility needs always costs up to 3 times more than what's sold at the local farm store or hardware store?? and some times even the big home improvement stores are cheaper.. ... it really frustrates me.. it even happens when contracting to have work done.. you say I need to remodel this room with custom build and here's what i want and where , they quote you one "ball park price".. then you say to them that you need to make some modifications to make it handicapped accessible as in shorter counter top heights and less drawers with mainly open shelves over head instead of the traditional cabinets with doors and the price suddenly triples when they hear the word handicapped and throw you some bs line about it being because of the cost to comply with the codes .. It makes me want to pull thier wigs off and hope they arn't wearing wigs!!!!!!

Honestly people! Since when did ones body betraying one, translate to hitting some lottery????? and why hasn't any one informed me where my secret money tree is??

OK .. that's my high horse moment today .. sorry for being a total nidget...
thanks for reading.

Ma Fey

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