Monday, March 8, 2010

A KitchenWitche's Apron- as I know it .

It looked as if it was going to be one of "THOose" days in the kitchen today.

I should probably have taken my clue card and left when I set my pot holder on fire.

But did I ?

Ohhh No.

I stayed.

I stayed through spilling the
kosher salt , and dumping my extract.

I stayed through spilling my coffee - the whole fresh hot cup- onto my feet.
( I am OK , it only stung -no burn- lucky I was for sure!)

I stayed through grabbing the cookie sheet from the 400 degree F. oven with my bare fingers.

I stayed through dropping the chef knife
(If it were not for my crocks ( shoes) it would have been a toe for sure)

I stayed through running a fork prong between my wedding ring and my finger.
(again no injury per-say, but yet another close call. )

I stayed through dropping one of my last 3 eggs on the floor- thank goodness I only needed 2.

I stayed through burning one batch of scones and the batch of cookies..
( something I have not done since I first started to bake in my own kitchen ... years ago!!!)

Then I stayed to figure out what was off ... why was I apparently so out of kilter .... what was I doing or not doing differently .. and if it wasn't me .. then what was up in this room?????

Sure most would chalk this up to a "bad day" and walk away.
Not me .
As I see it,
I am as responsible for my good or bad days as any influence/excuse one can think of.

Then it dawned on me....
I didn't have my trusty-rusty black apron on... was that it.. could something so mundane be why I felt so out of sorts in my kitchen??

Well, I had run the gambit of all thing it could have possibly been and wasn't any of those.
So, I put it on and
I stayed in the kitchen ...

You see, I am what some would consider a KitchenWitch.. and many of us you talk to will have something to say about the tools and equipment we use in the kitchen. Among those items many will list the apron (not all, but many of us will).

There are all sorts of neet-o-nifty-diddies out there about the meanings and sentiments of the apron and what it represent concerning our foremothers, and the homes and environments they made for loved ones all the while wearing thier tried-n-true favorite apron .

The apron is most certainly all those things and more.

In the energies the apron raises through our psychological correlations of these types of memories, we connect with our foremothers. And through them, we can connect to any or all aspect of the Goddess.
Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

Beyond it's obvious uses , the apron could be considered a wonderful teaching tool when teaching someone how to protect themselves. For some, trying to carry the image of "protective armor" is literally more than they can bare at the beginning point in there self empowerment and sense of a form of self protection.
Using a light weight apron, teach the younger to envision the prettiest lights in all colors and any pattern that connects these colors, that they can imagine. Tell them it can even be random splatters of color, but that the colors must connect. Instruct them that this protection of light can be put on as one would put on a light weight, well fitting apron, but that unlike the apron which only covers a part of them, the light they are putting on covers them like a suit they can not feel, and when they tie up or button up the back , they are wrapping themselves in feather weight light to protect them in the kitchen (or whenever they feel they need it . )

You might even make an apron in a solid color of their choice, then let them decorate it however they wish to help them visualize and sense the connection of the self empowerment and self protection .

The apron carries in it's pockets inspiration disguised as recipes and seasonings and those little utensils you have no place else to put at the moment and some times hidden treasures like sweets and all sorts of stuffs.

Well, true or not about my favorite aprons protective powers ( my beliefs are mine), all the shenanigans in my kitchen stopped after I put it on.

Lets just say there was enough proof in the pudding for me about my connection to wearing my apron when I am in the kitchen!

Light and Blessings and in hopes of a better day tomorrow for all !
Ma Fey


  1. Congratulations on surviving the morning! I really love what you wrote about the apron, and as a matter of fact, you have inspired me to create a new one for myself. Not sure when I will get to this but when I do, I will create a link to your wonderful post.
    Cheryl~healingwoman (you may get two of these-see you are not the only one who can have a clutsy morning!

  2. hey...congrats on winning the windchimes!!!

  3. Hey Cheryl! Thank you ! and thank you I am so flattered that You found inspiration in my words.You are so talented I can't wait to see your apron when you get it done. You are more than welcome to link to this post. ( and I will be correcting some oops I have found in it when I re-read it so it is a bit more presentable..LOL

    Jaz -- Hey Lady ! Thank you! I was so flabbergasted when I read your comment , at first I wasn't sure I read it right. Can you believe it! I barely can!

    Big LUCKY HUGS to Both of you!!!!