Monday, March 29, 2010

giveaways and goodies and a bit o news

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If I have missed someone:

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Please leave a comment about your giveaway on this post!

Sorry I didn't do one of these last week. Monday was the surgery day and I seamed out of it for most of the week . They found some black spots on my stomach tissue so ... again with the waiting ... 2 weeks from now can't come soon enough!

But on to bigger and WAY better News that we can have fun with Now!

If you haven't checked out these blogs your really should!!! They are alll wonderful blogs and authors with so many talents and wonders they share ! These are all fabulously remarkable places ( as are all the blogs I love to follow) !

So on to this weeks findings:

These are ending this Wednesday, March 31st.

Mrs. B at Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom is hostessing a wonderful giveaway for designer Moonstone Jewelry. Wow are there some beautiful things! so hop on over and enter as time is running short! You have until March 31st!

March 2010 is Random Acts of Kindness Month at the Domestic Witch's place and for all your good deeds there is a giveaway . She is hoping to reach a goal of 200 random acts buy Wednesday so hope on over and enter your random acts now! ( I just checked and there are 174 post at the time I am writing this.. she's almost here WOOWHOO! I hope you can help!)

Cheryl is Hosting a wonderful giveaway Over on her blog Healing Woman! you have until March 31st !!! Oh and her recipe for Chef Wayne's "Last Meal" Lasagna is amazing and given in her giveaway post!!!

Cotton Rose's March Giveaway is underway!
Oh and are these some Cute goodies she wants to share or what?!.. winners will be chosen just after Easter, but entries are accepted only until March 31st.

Jen and Ollie at Rablings of a Newbie Pagan is celebrating 50 Lovely followers with a wonderful Greenman themed Giveaway . Her Littleun will be frawing the winer on March 31st ( sorry the text editor for blogger just would not let me line the info up net to her button .... silly blog-text editor thing! so click the picture to go to her Beautiful Blog or clik the underlined text to go strait to her giveaway page)

Then there is Ma Fey's Groovey Giveaway
. You have until March 31st at noon to enter !!!!

These are ending this Saturday, April 3rd

Teddy at Octoberfarm has such great taste ! Pop on over to Octoberfarm to enter Jaz and Teddy's newest giveaway!!! Oh and you have GOT to check out the tomato pasta dish she has in this post! My tummy grumbles with hunger every time I look at it! ( I have the ingredients on my list alread for my next market stop!)

And there is still a little time left to enter these wonderful giveaways with up coming ending dates!

Lana at Honeysuckle Lane is hosting a lovely giveaway to celebrate 3 Years Of Blogging!!! No it's not for her beautiful wings in this photo, but you won't be disappointed with her beautiful goodies!

Over to A College Witch's Experiences Her 50th post giveaway is Double Awesome!

Good Luck every one!
Blissful Spring Blessings

Ma Fey

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  1. Thank you so much for posting my contest! I just started having problems with pictures on my blog this afternoon too. Hopefully they'll get it squared away soon. Annoying when you are trying to post are sure it was something you did wrong if you're like me. I'll check your post again later and tomorrow.
    Thanks are very thoughtful.