Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lots-o-stuffs from baskets to scones, Random Acts of Kindess-3 and a home for a Kitty

Woooowee! What a ride the last few days have been !

Warning : this is a long article and there are a good number of photos so it might take a bit to load for you. Thank you for being patient.

By last night I was so physically and emotionally exhausted I went to bed at 9 and slept solidly till 9:15 this morning. I know I needed it because I normally don't sleep that much in on night. It is nice to have nothing but normal house hold chores to do today because I am spent!
So lets see if I can put some of all this in some fashion of a perspective ( for my self ) while I share the Good stuff ( and some not so good) with you!

Tuesday we went to see the Surgeon and he wants to do a but load more test between now and the 22 of this month. On that date he will be looking into my "innerds" and taking some biopsies of some "inflamed" and enlarged tissue areas of my stomach, duodenum, colon, and large and small intestines..

Of course that was after the strange day in the kitchen and was on the day i found out i won that wonderful wind chime in Mrs. B's Giveaway

My husband found out he is in line for a promotion to the position he has been working for for a long time ( he is so lucky to have his dream job!) Which comes with a pay raise and health benefits too!! among other perks !

We also learned that day, that a long time friend was tragically killed in a work place accident. He was reaching out to attach his safety harness when he fell through a snow covered sky light that apparently wasn't on the schematics/ blueprints to this place..he fell 45 feet! There is some comfort to know he died instantly and didn't have to suffer further. This came after he fought his way back from a massive heartache. I pray that God and Goddess cradle his family in love, strength, and healing so they can face all they must in the coming days .

and that was just Tuesday

Yesterday (Wednesday) , I started the day In the garden . I wasn't out long , but long enough to stain my nails with sweet Mother Earth by pulling early spring weeds and checking on all the little plants beginning to peek up. It was so quiet which was wonderful . The birds were singing, the sun shinning , the scent of Springs promise filled the gentle breezes that swirled around me. It was just the spiritual and physical energy boost I needed.

Shortly after, we were off to the hospital to begin all this testing, then over to the pharmacy to turn in my normal monthly 16 scripts plus 3 new ones!!! ( thank goodness they are only temporary ...I Hope!)

While we were waiting to get them filled, my Sweet Sweet Hubby took me to a local thrift shop (not something I physically am capable of often.. but as I said yesterday was a very good day physical ) and among the treasures I brought home were....

this Beautiful dish for $3.00 for our Ostara alter
I love the beautiful earthy tone swirls with the pink and green accents and its oval shape.

It's marked Cal tempo "fish fin" and what looks like AW??
If i remember right Cal temp is 1950's vintage but I am not 100% sure.. I just know I was rather smitten and quite happy with the price

I love this sweet little taper candle holder and snuffer set..

$1.00 ( candle wasn't included)

With the spring storm season fast encroaching upon us this will be a sweet little holder to keep in the kitchen encase of a power outage.

Of course it was perfect when I purchased it and some how we nicked it and another piece before we got them home ( they were in the same bag) But I still love it !

See the nick??

there at the bottom of the rim

it's on the bottom of this sweet little soup and rice bowel set

I love these sets, but don't normally find them locally so this was a real find at $3.00

( then we had to go an nick the thing dang it!)

at least these made it home safely

I love the pot-tea cup and sake set

$8.00 and in perfect condition

Then I found this little vase for $0.50

it's' motif doesn't match the pot-tea cup-sake set exactly but it really looks cute with it .

And I found a box of 2 of those little plant watering globes.. For $5.00

Maybe not the best deal on them but I have been wanting to try them to see if they really work so the price was right for me.

This is Random Act of Kindness Moments !As you know I have been taking part in Random act of kindness month over at the Domestic Witch.. sooo

I managed to arrange with my friend a time to meet at her Mother's house and have my husband deliver to her mom my "treat Box".

My Scones looked so pretty... My Friend's Mother is from Great Britten and Knows her Scones... So I had my fingers crossed that mine would pass her intense scrutiny.

I included 3 kinds of teas, some Girl Scout Short Bread Cookies ( mine were a bust and I didn't have time to make a fresh batch) , and some home made "false" Devonshire Cream, using one of my Gramas ol' recipes, some candied orange peel.. and a sweet little card just to let her know she is loved and always thought of!

The Scones where a HIT !!! My friend has been having a dicken's of a time lately trying to find thing her mom can/will eat.. I guess she Gobbled them Down. My Friend Said that this gift really went a long way to Lifting her moms spirits and making her feels special.. I am soo Happy for that .. because that also meant my friend had a wonderful day with her mother!

2nd : while I was at he thrift store I picked 5 random children's book off the shelf and stuck a $1.00 bill in each . ( Sorry, I just wasn't sneaky enough to to take a photo of the books with the dollar bills in them)

ALso Yesterday (Wednesday)
3rd: while I was in the thrift store, ( this is kind of why it was soo hard to get a photo of my effort) there was this adorable little boy , whom apparently thought I was a safe adult to ask questions of, who kept coming up to me and asking little Questions like, " can you tell me what size this is mommy said i have to have a 4, is that a 4? " and asking if i could help him reach things- which i would with a nod of approval from his mother. At one point became curious as to why i walked with the "that thing" ( my walker) . .so I just told him I had a "bad back" and my knees didn't work as well as his probably did.. that is a much easier explanation for a kid to understand... His Mother was so apologetic, and I assured her he was fine and that I was having a good time helping him and answering ALLLLL his little questions... Then I slipped a buck into the pocket of his hoody when he wasn't looking..

I have a "random act" planed for today too . But I will post about that one tomorrow..

So the last of the new is double edged in a couple ways..

remember me saying that we had sent some groceries to a friend and his kitty-cat who's been a little down on his luck lately.. well , yesterday when we got home from all the days activities, he was here waiting for us. I knew something was very wrong by the way he was caring hims self. As soon as we made eye contact , his eyes welled up with HUGE tears, and he let us know that he came home from work to find his kitty had died ... Our friend lives alone and Tomas was his only constant companion .. I know the heartache of loosing long loved critters .. and it broke my heart.. I think my husband and I were sobbing almost as hard as he was.. He was kind enough to help us into the house with our packages. My hubby took him into the living room and I made coffee , and we all sat and talked about Tomas and our memories of him and Our friend Shared some funny stories with us about him. Ok to make a long story short....

I have had 4 kitties here i have been looking for homes for... and one of them .. my Lil' Star just would not leave him alone...
He has always been a bit smitten with her....

He took her home with him last night (photo is of him and her in his apartment )... So Lil'Star Has a New home and our friend has a new companion..

I hope they will have many long years of happiness together.

Many Happy and Loving Blessings every one !
Ma Fey

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