Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Random acts of kindness Month

sorry to interupt the dinner posting --yet again--but i just have to ;P

So i am participating in The Domestic Witch's Random Acts of Kindness Month
and that is what this post is about

I have completed 3 random acts in 2 days

One was yesterday.. I sent my Daughter a cute little inspirational greeting card ( since we talk practically every day we don't really send each other thingies in the mail usually so it's unexpected)

Number 1 ( planed)
Hers is the one with the Puppy that looks like out Little Mia

there are a couple others in this photo that I plan on sending out with goodies over the next couple days

Number 2 ( which really was random)
there is no photo for today's random act of kindness, today i was at the hospital to have some more tests done. Any way , as I was leaving there was an older woman getting out of a car.. she wasn't to steady on her feet and I asked if i could help her in. She kindly accepted my offer, took hold of my walker ( i can't walk with out it) and off we went into the hospital waiting room . I got her to a chair and waited with her ( she seamed a little confused) till the person who drover her came in and was with her. I didn't even wait to be thanked, I just left with a smile on my face because it felt so good to be able to help some one.

Number 3 ( planed)
see these snow men? I love the one with the copper penny smile! the kids next door made them a couple weeks back. I took the photo when i was getting into the car one day because they made me laugh they were sooo cute! ( the actual photo is so much better )

So, this morning I printed up the photo on card stock with a note on the inside that said , " Thank you so much for the smile! I hope this makes you Kids smile too ! sincerly , a Neighbor " then placed a Mc Donalds cash card ( gift card) in the envelope and asked the Hubby to sneek it over to thier mail box.. don't want the kids to know where it came from you know ;P

Kindness is a blessing , one we don't share nearly enough!
Ma Fey


  1. How nice of you :) I love those little snowmen too!

  2. Thank you so much for joining in! You're a hoot and a treat!