Monday, March 8, 2010

Goodies and an Apron for March Random Acts of Kindess Month , posting No. 2

March 2010 is Random Acts of Kindness Month at the Domestic Witch's and i am participating, though some what behind on my postings of my activities. so lets do a little catchup..

I am having a Wizzbanger ( that's good) of a time with this !

Mailed a greeting card to a Friend over in another town , just because I wanted to and I have never done that to her before cause we chitter on the phone usually. ( when I can hear on the blasted thing).

I sent over a box of Girl Scout Cookies to a friend where she works . These were a perfect way to just say thank you to her for being a great neighbor and friend to us since the cookies are pressed with ways to say thank you in several different languages and they were very tasty too. ( yest i had to have a second box so i could "be sure" they were "worthy " of my intended sentiment ..LOL ( oh and they were quite tasty to say the least of them)

Sunday ,
I sent a dish of my Peppered Black Current Vermicelli and Chicken ( not the pizza, just a hot dish of the Peppered Black Current vermicelli and chicken -- he has some problems with certain foods) down to a friend who's been having a bit of a ruff spot lately and we included some groceries for him and his kitty-cat. ( I forgot to photo the bag of groceries and the hot plate.. silly me..did it totally anonymously too -giggle)

Monday (today)

( Goddess bless the husband who will put on an apron before coffee and still in his pajamas, so his wife can photo it for her blog!)

I made an apron from a vintage linen place mat, 3 vintage linen napkins, and bias tape

I even managed to fold the napkins so they made pockets with a cover

I pressed it ( from the back side) with water and not starch so that if she needed or wanted to store it for a while, the starch wouldn't damage the fabrics

But then I thought,
it needed a little something more,

I added a packet of Moonflower seeds to the pocket !

Then folded it all neatly and wrapped it in paper and tied it with a bow.

Next I got out a little note card and wrote a simple thank you for being such a nice neighbor type note in it and asked my husband to take it across the street to a neighbor lady we barely know and leave it in her door ... again totally anonymous! tee-he-he

Well I am off to make scones and shortbread cookies to be delivered to a friend's Mother who is a shut in ! I just have to figure out how to get them to her anonymously ... though that part may not be possible.. but we'll see!)

May blessings of Kindness ~ random or Not~ fill you lives !
Ma Fey


  1. Thank you, but not really .. I must confess , the giving is so easy, but blogging about it is tuff! I feel as though i am "tooting my own horn" kinda thing, which isn't something i do when i randomly do something nice for some one.. It's really strange but i think i like the challenge in it. I will say it is helping me to really embrace a part of my self that i tend to take for granted. Hope that doesn't sound to "out there".