Tuesday, March 9, 2010

OMGOSH!!! IT Happend to ME AGAIN!!!! I WON something!!!!

First I want to say Big THANK YOU to Mrs. B for hosting so many wonderful giveaways and for all the hard work she puts into her blog ; and I want to thank Heather at Decadence Designs For donating this to Mrs. B to giveaway ..

"Well fiddle my faddle and call me fannie !!!!!!! WOOOOOOWHOOOOO!" I yelped at the top of my lungs when I saw a comment I had waiting for me when I logged on to my blog and once again I startled the heck out of every being in the house.... "Oops Sorry. Don't worry Hubby. I know how to get the tea stain out of your shirt...Oh and I am glad you arn't burnt too! ... bUt I WON SOMETHING !!!! AGAIN!!!!!!"

This is twice in as many months that I ( ME) have won a giveaway.. I can't Believe it !!!! and Both times they were something I Dearly Loved!!
I remember saying something about not winning this type of thing to often... guess that just goes to show one should never say never or one may make a big fibbermagee out of one's self hu ?? just like I just did...LOL .. Oh it is sooo worth it though !

I am happy dancen'! Happy Dancen'! HaPpY dAnCen'! all the way over to Mrs.B's to say thank you and to give her my mailing info just as soon as I get finished here!

This is a photo of the item that I was awarded in the giveaway at
Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom which is
Mrs. B 's Blog. And is one of my favorite daily reads and she always comes up with wonderful articles and goodies she gives away . Just recently she posted an article titled "What's been brewing in the art room"
in which she talks about and shows wonderful photos of pages she is preparing for the Ostara section in her Book of Seasons. She has so much talent!

Any way

This excellent wind chime was Created and donated byBy Heather of Decadence Design that link will take you to Decadence Design's Etsy shop there are some really AWEsome things there for sale!!

I love it ! I LOve It ! I LOVE IT ! I promise It will live in the house a suggested and maybe i might consider ( doesn't mean i will do it though )taking it out side on very rare and extremely special occasion, but not if there is a breeze,I Promise!

My New wind chime will live in the same area that this one lives.
which is not on the door it is hanging on for this photo ... it usually resides in my kitchen where it is safe from harm. ( sorry i just couldn't get a nice photo of this one . .. I am so excited i couldn't still my self long enough to get a good photo...LOL)

This one is one my daughter and I picked up a couple years ago at the Wabash Herbfest in Wabash, Indiana.

I have always wanted another along the same lines as this one and to day I WON ONE! Hot Digity! Dog Digity ! What a great day this has turned into !!

OK .. gotta go email Mrs. B ..

Lucky Blessing to EVERY ONE!!!!
Ma Fey


  1. Hi boy you're a lucky gal! Love your winnings. I absolutely would love it if you posted about my giveaway on your blog...thanks so much!, it'll add more chances for ya. and thanks much for stopping by Gypsy Fish....
    {{gypsy hugs}}

  2. Glad you won! You are on a winning spree for sure. Keep entering and see how many things you can win this month and then if it works out, play the lottery!

  3. Congratulations! What a great piece. (Also, I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog, so I've linked to it) :)