Friday, March 12, 2010

Rocks in my...

Thought I would share with you some of my many Crystals, stones, gems , minerals and such .
Some I use in healing and some I have just because I like them so much.

I have been a rock hound since I was old enough to snatch spoons from Mom's kitchen drawer and go out to dig in the dirt for the pretty ones. ( No wonder she could never find her serving spoons at dinner time... Sorry Mom... between my rock hounding and my first attempts at gardening, it's a wonder we didn't grow up eating with our fingers )

I thought I would start with some of my eggs with Ostara/Easter coming up, and some of the other rocks and such I had out today.

Please note that statement made here are of my personal experiences. If some one try's them it does not mean that they will necessarily work for that some one . These uses should ALWAYS be considered and used in co-operation and under the care and advice of the proper professionals. I nor any one associated with this article can or is responsible for your actions or the out come of your actions should you try these techniques,tips,thoughts,etc.. if you choose to do so, you do so at your own risk. In other words,If you try it, no mater what happens as a result , You can't ( and shouldn't) blame any one.
We are each unique and our life force energies will connect or won't with others.

That said , lets move on .

This is Orange Citrine (a form of quartz).
My personal experience with citrine is with healing. When I have been doing a lot of readings for people, I get "psychic-headaches-with-heat" after a while. I am not running a fever, I am just over heated and have a annoying "headache". That's when I reach for the citrine. Citrine is a naturally cool stone. By gently ( no pressure) placing the stone to the center area of the forehead (aka the third eye area) , the temples and the back of the neck , I can cool and relieve this type of headache for my self with out the use of herbs or other unneeded medications. Maybe this has something to do with it's reported protective powers and it's said ability to "facilitate psychic awareness" -- to quote Scott Cunningham. I have suggested this use to others and they have said it worked.. whether or not it did work for them or they were just being polite and saying it did when it didn't, well... only they and the maker knows for sure!

The strange shadow of a oval shape is how my camera ( no mater what I tried) interpreted the beautiful green rings of this piece of rainbow obsidian. I have three of these eggs, this with the green rings, one with purple and one that looks to be a bit of both colors depending on which "eye" your are looking at. These are some of my favorites. Yes, I know there are those who won't touch the stuff, but I find it fascinating to look at and suffer no ill effects from them what so ever . If I am working with stones in a healing I ALWAYS ask if the person is o.k. with obsidian . It's not nice to violate another's personal beliefs and that would be very counter active to the healing efforts. Besides, I am to old and to tired to be wasting energy like that.

I love this little quartz egg. It's not completely clear . it has some faint inclusions , which make it a nice "thinking" piece. It turns in the hand easy and it small enough to carry in the pocket. I never use it for a worry stone, just one to look upon and focus on what good things have happened lately. when I am done "thinking on it" , I always have a smile. It's size makes it easy to cleans when needed too.

I am not sure what stone the green egg behind it is,( probably altered in appearance in some way), but the beautifully sparkly green is one of my favorite greens on the spring alter and always brightens up any spot it is placed in .. it's one I like a lot .

This is another green stone? egg . I love how it is marbled. again i am sure this was altered in the polishing , it feels coated with something .. but I always see something different when I look at it .

It reminds me to be flexible . To go with the flow so that I too can grow and re bloom in spring.

This little tiny Robin's egg blue stone was a gift from a friend. I use this stone when working with the throat chakra. It is small and can be carried and cleansed easily .

See how tiny that little Robbin's egg blue egg is ? And as you can see there are 2 other stones even smaller. The center one is a lapis and the one to the left in the photo is rose quartz.

I love this shell cluster. It was a gift from the sea during a family trip to Florida and has been a long time guest on the spring alter or a water element alter, or where ever it's needed.

This is a good quick reading piece or mini mind vacation other words it is easy to "get lost" in all it' s patterns . Some times we all need a mini mind vacation and all the twists, turns, curves and bumps on this piece can let your mind wander far away .

I know it's a fossil but that's about it . I don't even know where I picked it up at, only that I have had it for many, many, many years.

This is the other side of the Fossil

Fossils are said to help one recall ones past and are some times used when working with past life regression.

These are some other little thinking stones. the flat one in the back I have used as a worry stone. It fits nicely in the hand as do each of these in thier own way . Again these are all easily cleansed when needed.

Yes, I have a crystal ball silly ! I'm a respectable gypsy-kitchenwitch after all ! ( Or whatever "label" it is I fall under these days)

The ball is about 4 -5/8 inches in diameter and is hand carved from quartz crystal. This piece has some clear areas and some inclusions. It sits on a quartz base , then both pieces sit on a hand turned solid wooden base with a black cover which is currently in my embroidery hoop. I will show it all together when the cover is finished.

Well , until the next "Rocks in my ..." post ,

May your road never be rocky nor weigh you down ,
even if you Do have some stones you carry around.
Ma Fey


  1. They're all gorgeous! My Hubby is a rock hound and rocks, some special & some not, are all over our house.
    Thank you for sharing! :0)

  2. Beautiful! I especially love the Robin's egg blue stone :)

  3. They are absolutely lovely! I personally have only ever connected with rose quartz but I've not done a whole lot of work with stones, gems, and crystals either. Your crystal ball is fabulous too.

    Anyway, I dropped by to let you know I gave you an award. You can check it out at:

  4. Hi Mama Fey, here's another award: