Friday, March 12, 2010

Meet my new love...

Meat my new love...
I just found her today at a local little thrift shop..
. yes I did .. I got to go thriften' again .. twice in the same week/month/quarter . I feel so lucky that I have been able to go "junken" -- as my friends and I call it -- 2 times this week. Granted it was only one small shop per trip.. but that's o.k. by me .
I had fun and just being out of the house has lifted my spirits tremendously!

This is a
Lefton Vase
Irish collection
produced in 1960's

Bottom reads:
GE O. Z. Lefton Co.

Red Tag reads:
Trade Mark

Pieces with this particular pattern are scarce at best. I have seen a few here or there but never in very good shape.

But this one is in such great shape it even has it's red tag!

And I made it home with her with out nicking her !!

I love the 2 bluebirds ( one above her and one below at her left toe --right side of motif, the little shamrocks and all around her and the little hearts on her skirt... and of Course I am over the moon with the fact she has RED hair and BROWN eyes!!!!!! I love the little fairy mushrooms at her feet and her little shamrock on her apron too.

She will be a perfect addition to my spring alter!
I think I am going to try to grow some Bells of Ireland and dry them to put in this vase for summer and fall too..

Prosperous treasure hunting to you all!!
Ma Fey