Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 2010 Random acts of Kindness

Hello every one!

Post Update: me thinks Domestic Witch may possibly reached her goal of 200 random acts
She is at least quite close if you take out the postings of participation notifications.... have you done your random act today????? ( she has a total of 203 comment made to her post at the time of this update.)

as you know I have been participating in

so these are my final random acts that I will post about. I have done many things this month which I choose not to post about for a number of reasons.
As I said in a comment to some one early on in this month , I found it a bit uncomfortable to post about my "good deeds" but that it has also helped me to embrace a part of who I am that I normally take for granted. That statement has proven to be truer than I could have imagined.
I was raised with the belief that we receive what we put out there and that one should never expect anything in return for doing something nice for some one. I do things randomly as I can because it fills my heart with joy to know I put a smile on some ones face. I expect nothing in return because that joy is the blessing I get back. That joy fills my heart with compassion, love, happiness and most of all HOPE. Hope that my good dead will be passed on to someone else . Hope that it helps some on reach out who normally may not think to do so . Hope that a little kindness may can help ease some of the anger and frustrations we feel in our daily lives for any number of reasons. Hope that some ones needs are met, food and shelter and the necessities of life might some how be provided for all and that some how the greater good is served in a positive way through my love and actions . I wish I could put into words all that is in my heart, but I don't seam to be able to .

So here are the last few I will post about for this campaign/giveaway .

took herbal tea, horehound candy and orange spiced sugar to a friend who has a bad cold

redesigned my friend Mom-J's garden for better productivity and organic/companion planting

Sent some bean soup with my Damn-Dande-Dumplin's to a friend and her husband.. she later called and asked for the recipe..

Sent Candy onion plant to My sister in law in Ohio as a surprise ( my husband was going there on business so he was the perfect carrier)

and this morning I was presented with a my last random act...

My neighbor's cat was stuck in our tree soo , i reached up and coaxed her down to where i could reach her and she jumped to me as you can see she is unharmed and happy to be loved on..

though the unharmed part doesn't so much apply to me

Kitty accidentally caught me pretty good with her nail in my neck/collarbone area.
Hopefully a peroxide wash and some honey (to kill bacteria) will keep me from getting an infection, she was pretty scared.. I am not sure how long she had been up there but she was sure happy to have her feet back on the ground again!

Well, May you find with in your abilities and time the chance to be kind to some one today!
Blessing to all !!
Ma Fey


  1. ouch to the scratch!

    Happy Easter. I finally added a post with your award, it took me a while but I got there in the end! :O)

    Sadie x