Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Ostara Morning

There are no photos for this post, only words , nothing else seamed right.

Ostara, a lesser sabbat,

The balance of dark and light sits once more in the turning of the year’s wheel. The darkness gives way to light and the Mother awakens at the Father’s touch and gives birth. While her appearance was cold these past months, her womb was still warm, and now she blesses us with the life that rested within.

Eoestre, Ishtar, Astarte, Ashtoreth, Isis , Cybele, and all Goddesses of rebirth and

spring , I thank you for the energies lent to once again rejuvenate all living things with strength of the life force we are blessed with.

From the fertilized cosmic egg comes life

from the seed comes growth,

and with them the promise of light, hope, and new beginnings.

God of light reaching to the Mother to awaken the passions and fire of the life force within, I, as do all living things consciously or unconsciously, revel in this time of perfect balance.

I have come to this place and set my circle and called the elements near.

Now I sit in silence listening to the awakening, facing north, with the sun rise to my right and the setting moon to my left.

With eyes closed I see the mergence point of light and darkness and am reminded that life would not exist with out them both.

This is the moment of conception.

This is the beginning of creation.

After many months of the darkness I felt drained, but in this moment, I am filled with all that I need.

I was closed but am opened.

I imagined I would be barren, but find I am fruitful once more.

I reach for the chalice of water before me.

I set the chalice upon the Earth and feel it filing and becoming energized with new strength and blessings of love, and fertility.

I hold it up to the light and feel the water being touched and energized with purification and blessings of the light and with that hope and peace and a balance of renewed life force.

I hold it over my head and pour this upon my body slowly and feel all stagnation, negativity, and poverty left by the winter slumber washed away.

As the water from the chalice, passes over my skin I am awash with new energy, strength, hope, movement, growth, fertility and prosperity.

I reach for the athame and touch its point to the earth and feel the power of her awakening caress it’s blade and bless it with all her energies.

I hold its point up to the light and He too touches it with all the renewed energies of his return.

I bring it to my chest in prayer fashion, with point toward my chin and hilt toward my feet, and feel this new energy blend, rejuvenate, and rejoice with mine.

I sit in silence and count the many blessings of this past year’s time as I prepare the offering of thanks I have brought.

I pray for the healing of the Earth and the many creatures who live above and below.

And finally I come to the seeds of the future path of my life, my hopes, my dreams, and my goals, and with the planting of a few special seeds, who’s plants are representative of those ideas, I let them be known.

They are given a bit of the water from the chalice and touched by the athame; then held in my hand to convey to them my intent.

Then I hold them to the Father to show him what is there, and then with a bit of the intended offering, they are placed in and covered by Earth and given to Mother, in hopes that with her love and my nurturing they will come to fruition in my life.

Once again I sit with my eyes closed and thank the elements of Earth, Air, Fire , Water , as I release their presence which I previously called to surround and protect me in this place, before this journey began.

As I break the circle and release the intent to the universe I give the offerings of thanks to all, which I had brought to share.

As I leave this place the world is brighter, my heart is lighter and I am reassured that the balance of Ostara and the renewed life force I have been blessed with this morning, will be with me for another turning of the years wheel .

Ostara Blessings one and all

Lady Feoneafey


  1. Oh, what a beautiful description. You are quite a writer!

  2. I don't follow any religious teachings or traditions but I do consider myself to be a spiritual person. I understand that everything is linked. Everything that exists is just a permutation of the same thing. In a general sense cycles are continuous, they simply may be realized in different ways.

    Happy spring!