Saturday, March 6, 2010

Winters Last Pass

The Sun is shining

The Greenery is poppen'

The Spiders are Hoppen'

The Silver-Thyme is all pink and rosy.

But there is still time to be all warm and cozy .

Time for a moment to slip back to the past

maybe to a time when, as children, we always had a blast!

So, before we spring forward,

Lets all take that one more moment
while winter prepares
for it's last pass.

Not a poet, and i know it, but it's , as always, from the heart.
May the final days of winter find you all safe and warm.
Brightest of Blessings!
Ma Fey


  1. That is one HUGE spider! Eeek!

    Love your honey pot♥

  2. Hey Erin .. Honestly it's really no biger than maybe my thumb nail bed.. it's just a good close shot .. i no like spiders that jump! they make me want to run screaming and since i can't i stay away .. far away.. LOL Thank you on the honey pot.. my Mom go that for me, oh, i can't even remember how long ago. It was before my Daughter was born I know that (and shes graduated from college a few years ago) .. he sits on my microwave right next to the tea basket to great me with his cheery smile each morning.
    Have a wonderfully day Lady!