Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random acts of Kindness - pst number 4 (I think)

As you probably already know, I am participating in Domestic Witch's Random Acts of Kindness month..

( yikes! I am glade I have been keeping track of these thing for the posting.. Didn't realize it had been so many days since my last update.. i better stay on top of this hu?)

here are my update: (sorry, but I didn't get pictures of everything I did)

Thursday (11th)
Had the hubby take an apple crunch sweet bread loaf to a friend up the street

I had the hubby leave a recently rooted spider plant on the door step of a new neighbor with a note that said "Welcome to the neighborhood !! I look forward to getting to know your family. " But I didn't sign it.

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday(13th-15th) i just couldn't get out of the bed so I made up for not completing my daily random acts on Tuesday

When to a thrift store with Mom-J today , she was looking at a couple of teddy bear statues and I knew she really wanted them but didn't feel she could afford them.. so I tucked them into the cart under some of my other things where she couldn't see them, then later I snuck them into her bag when we were unloading the car.. She was so surprised when she got home and found them.

Took Mom-J to her favorite Hot dog stand ( which she had not realised had opened for the season yet) and bought her lunch.

While at the Hot dog stand, a man pulled up next to us in a big pickup ... I heard him order just a hot dog and root beer soooo, I got the car-hops attention and told her what I was up to and paid for the mans lunch.. she brought me his receipt which I wrote on it.." You have been touched by the Random Act of Kindness Fairy ... Please pass it on. " and then had her give it to him when he was ready to pay. The man tried to get it out of the car-hop who had paid for his lunch but she said she couldn't/wouldn't tell him because it was against the rules! Mom-J and I giggled like goons all the way to our next stop!..

I tipped the car-hop a 5 spot for her effort too !

Went back over to the hot dog stand at the end of our day and I bought hot dogs and1/2 gallon of his second favorite drink root beer!(his first being cheep orange soda..LOL -he's so cute)... for the hubby and surprised him with them when we got home.

At the second thrift store I slipped a 5.00 into the pocket of a jacket that a lady was buying with our her noticing me doing so. (she really looked like she needed a Random Act of Kindness more than I needed any trinkets I might have bought with it )

Wednesday (17th)

Wrapped up a set of crochet topped tea towels with a note to another neighbor who is elderly - (yes even older than us..LOL) - and had my hubby sneak over when all the lights were out at her house and tuck them in between the outside and inside front door .. I didn't sign the card . Just simply wrote a little note that said .. "Just a little something to let you know we are thinking of you. We hope the blessings of spring bring many joys your way each and every day."

Thursday ( today)
Had the hubby slip out the back and set these cute little crochet topped tea towels I did up , into the truck of a friend while he visited with me, with out him knowing we did this.. giggle. .. we left no note or any thing, just the package. He should be good and puzzeled , since he didn't even ralize the hubby left the house for amoment.

well that brings me current .. till tomorrow any way ..
wondering what will I do next.....???
You'll Just have to wait and see ;)

Blessings of light and love one and all !
Ma Fey

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